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What is BunQ account?

Simply put, Bunq is a banking app that gives you complete control over your finances through your smartphone. You will no longer have to go through a million steps and sit in a bank’s waiting room for hours. This one, easy app allows you to move money, pay bills, order cards, and much more. So buy Bunq accounts today to get all these features.

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Buy Account Bunq Bank About the features of BunQ account

1.Payment Sorter 

Unsurprisingly, the Payment Sorter was chosen as their favorite feature by a few of them. What is the reason for this? “It’s almost as if it saves me a trip.”

The Payment Sorter ensures that your incoming payments, such as your salary, are automatically sorted in the order you specify. You just have to do it once, and then you won’t have to worry about it again. Of course, if your goals shift, you can still make adjustments.

2.Travel assistant

Although we all yearn for carefree travel, we recall one of our favorite features that assisted us in exploring new and exciting places.

The Travel Assistant provides you with advice gleaned from the wonderful bunq network.Do you want to know where you can get free money with your bunq card? Look at using the Travel Assistant. Do you want to know if tipping is expected in the country you’re visiting? You’ll also find the answer there.

3.Bunq. me

This one has received so many mentions that it’s obvious bunqers enjoy getting paid quickly. is your one-of-a-kind, permanent connection. You can give it to anybody and get paid in exchange for something. Create a memorable name for your account, choose the sub-account where you’d like to receive your funds, and start sharing!

4.Zero Fx

Although getting useful travel advice is fantastic, saving money every step of the way is even better! Zero FX is an excellent way to ensure that you have more money to spend on the things you enjoy. In Dubrovnik, drink more cold beer, eat more delicious food in Prague, and eat more cheese in Zurich!

It saves you 3% on all of your purchases abroad by not charging you an additional fee when you use your card to make non-Euro currency purchases. That’s what there is to it!

5.Auto slice

When you’re out with your mates, say goodbye to confusing ways of keeping track of who paid what. Auto Slice takes care of that so you can relax and enjoy your time.

Add all of your spendings to a Slice Group so you can keep track of it all. When it’s time to settle it, all it takes is a single tap! Your friends will be sent an immediate request to pay you back their portion.

Buy Bunq Accounts at Cheap Price

Bunq is a challenger banking app that aims to provide a viable alternative to traditional financial institutions. Bunq is a mobile banking app that helps you to conduct a variety of daily transactions, similar to other mobile banking apps. This provides the freedom to deposit and withdraw funds from your account, all of which can be accomplished using your mobile phone.

Bunq also includes a full-featured debit card, as well as a social responsibility initiative that plants a new tree for every €100 spent. You can use bunq to buy products and services both online and in-person if you have a MasterCard card. In addition, you can get cash from an ATM.

So buy bunq accounts from us we have the best bunq accounts for sale.

Bunq Fees (exposed)

Bunq charges a few other fees in addition to their monthly subscription, which varies depending on the package. The good news is that their fee structure is fairly straightforward, but we’ve made it even easier here.

Here’s what you need to hear about it.

Subscription fees

  • Monthly fees for the Personal Premium account are €7.99.
  • The monthly fee for the Joint account is €9.99.
  • The Business account is €9.99 a month as well.

Card fees

  • The cost of a debit card and a travel credit card is €9.00 per year.
  • The annual cost of the Green Card is €99.00.
  • It is free to pay with a credit card in euros.
  • Cash withdrawals in foreign currency with a debit card cost €0.99 per withdrawal.
  • Cash deposits in euros or foreign currencies with a credit card cost €0.99 per withdrawal.
  • The MasterCard exchange rate is used to make international payments.

Fees for sending and receiving money

  • For Premium and Joint users, sending and receiving money in euro through the SEPA network is free. Users with a business account must pay an additional €0.10 per transaction.
  • TransferWise charges TransferWise rates for foreign fund transactions for Premium and Joint account holders. Users with a business account must also pay an additional €0.10 for these transactions.
  • Depending on the number, receiving money from banks outside the SEPA network would cost between €5 and €20.

Additional fees

  • After the initial deposit limit of €100, 1.5 percent of the deposit balance is paid.
  • Charges will be applied to any additional sub-accounts or cards.
  • Bunq also charges a “safekeeping” fee to high-balance accounts to cover the costs of keeping customer funds safe at the European Central Bank (ECB charges Bunq interest for your funds).

How Safe is Bunq?

Bunq is a fully accredited European bank with the Dutch Deposit Guarantee (up to €100,000 for all accounts combined).

Bunq also uses sophisticated security mechanisms to protect your money and personal information, such as two-factor authentication. They also advise keeping a close eye on your account’s activities and reporting any irregularities to Bunq right away.

Account Overview

Your account summary will appear when you tap the account in the bunq analysis in the overview or on the second tab at the bottom of the app. The account description is straightforward but well-designed. Three more necessary options are located at the top of the page. Depreciation searches, scheduled payments, and periodic payments are all available.

It’s worth noting that direct debits can only be processed after you’ve granted explicit permission in the bunq app. A fresh direct debit would not be immediately debited. Finally, by clicking on the direct debits, you can learn more about the date, time, and reference on which the debiting or crediting was performed.

In this bunq analysis, we find that one of the most useful features of the bunq app is that it offers real-time alerts when something is credited or debited to your account. This gives you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you’ll be there fast, as well as a clear picture of your regular income and expenditures.

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Account Types at Bunq

Bunq’s pricing structure is initially perplexing, as the application provides different subscriptions for debit cards and bank accounts. You can, however, receive a free debit card if you sign up for one of its paid bank accounts.

Here’s how much a bunq account would set you back:

Premium AccountMonthly cost: €7.99 The Premium Account provides you with a full-fledged Euro bank account as well as a debit card of your choosing.

Business AccountMonthly fee: €9.99 If you’re a nomad working in the digital economy, bunq’s business account may be useful. You’ll get super-competitive foreign transfers, as well as a variety of business-supporting tools. Receipt scanning, invoice scanning, and automatic VAT calculations are all part of this.

Final thought

BunQ is an advanced featured account. It has a lot of features for the users. The platform is also safe and stable, with a number of programs in place to protect traders. BunQ is a good place to start if you want to trade crypto coins. so don’t be late buy BunQ accounts today from us. we have the best BunQ accounts for sale. so hurry up order for buy Bunq accounts we waiting for your order at any time.

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