How Long Does Payoneer Verification Take?

How Long Does Payoneer Verification Take
How Long Does Payoneer Verification Take
Payment for services provided and items purchased is now simpler than it was a few years ago. With the emergence of various forms of e-commerce financial service providers, merchants, and online banks, anyone who manages an e-commerce store or provides a service online can go to the bank from anywhere in the globe.

Although there are many additional options to consider, it is advisable that you conduct considerable research in order to find the best fit for you and your business operations.

Payoneer is a financial service platform that allows for seamless payment of products and services. It is safe and easy to do transactions with respected multinationals, industries, and e-commerce sites all around the world. Because of its extensive list of services, most freelancers and online dealers recommend this platform.

So, depending on whether you’re using your Payoneer account to receive or send funds as an individual or a company, there are specific steps you should take and documents you should provide to Payoneer as proof of your genuity so they can better serve you while keeping your account safe and helping you avoid future issues like account blocking in the event of fraudulent activity.

For individuals, the documents required include:

  • A valid government-issued Identification card e.g National ID, Passport, or a driver’s license. It is believed that as long as you are from a country, you ought to have one of those.
  • Proof of address e.g a utility bill, bank statement, or rental agreement but it is good to note that this may differ for countries.
  • A bank verification number or document.

For a payoneer account registered as a company the following documents are needed for verification:

  • Certificate of Registration of the company.
  • Certificate of Incorporation if the company.
  • Tax document
  • IRS document including EIN
  • Business license
  • Proof of company activity(also called a certificate of formation)

The Average Time to Verify Payoneer Account

As Payoneer’s service allows you to accept payments directly from overseas companies and clients, the process of documenting and validating an account begins almost immediately.

Depending on when the account’s owner provides the required documents, the verification process takes about 25-60 days.

Why Is My Payoneer Account Taking Too Long Time to Verify?

There are numerous reasons why your Payooner account is taking longer than normal to get verified. It is important to note that Payoneer works with various banks and their rules and countries with different international laws. Over the years, Payoneer as a financial service provider platform has garnered more popularity.

  • The Names on the documents are not tallying especially with the local bank details provided.
  • The documents presented are not what was required.
  • The user already has an existing Payoneer account because Payoneer services do not support multiple accounts.
  • Country restrictions

But If you have provided all of the above-mentioned documents ranging from your utility bills to a valid government-issued identification card and problems with verification still abound, you can contact the support Center of Payoneer or Buy Payoneer Account.

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