How to Close a PayPal Account with Limited Access?

How to Close a PayPal Account with Limited Access?

One of the most secure ways to send and receive money for business or personal purposes is through PayPal. The platform makes financial transactions quite safe and comfortable for its users. However, although PayPal provides a lot of benefits for financial transactions, an account can be limited. As such, it’s necessary to know how to close a PayPal account with limited access.

A limited PayPal account is an account that restricts its user from performing certain transactions. Although this is a security measure used by PayPal, it can be quite uncomfortable for some users. To this effect, we have put this article together to help you know the proper steps to close your limited PayPal account. In addition, there is more significant information in this write-up, which you will discover as you read further.

Why Would Someone Need to Close Their Paypal Account?

The need to close a PayPal account may arise due to the safety of the account, change of email address, or some other personal reasons. Of course, it’s necessary to keep your financial and personal details safe. But if you feel this has been breached, one way to stay safe in such a situation is to close the account quickly. Also, closing your accounts from places or platforms you decide not to use any longer is another way to avoid the risks of breaching.

Why would someone need to close their PayPal Account

This is why some people go as far as purchasing PayPal accounts, as this guarantees more security. You will want to take this step if you wish to have a more secured account. In addition, you can buy stealth PayPal account online to improve the security level of your account.

Here are the most notable reasons why someone would want to close their PayPal account.

Safety of the Account

Someone may decide to close a PayPal account if they feel that the account is compromised. In such a situation, the quickest and safest action to take is to close the account. However, for some others who possess a business account, if the business is no longer operational or the users wish to use an alternative platform, they may decide to close the account.

Change of email Address

Some individuals may decide to change the email address on the account or use a different account detail. As such, they may decide to close the account and open a new one with a different account detail or email address.

Can You Close a Paypal Account With Limitations?

Certainly, it is possible to close a PayPal account with limitations, provided there are no outstanding transactions. The platform prohibits account closure if the user has a pending transaction or some money left in the available balance.

Can You Close a Paypal Account With Limitations

Here are certain things you have to know to close a PayPal account with limitations successfully:

Account Closure is done on the web

You cannot close a PayPal account from the iOS or Android app. Instead, you will need a computer or laptop to access your limited PayPal account through the web. This is where you can successfully delete your PayPal account.

Withdraw all available balance

Make sure to withdraw the entirety of the PayPal account balance before closing the account. You can do this through inter-account transfer or to a bank account, spending the available balance, or even requesting a PayPal check. However, the last option will attract a little transaction fee before completion.

Clear every outstanding account issue

Before attempting to close your PayPal account, make sure there is no pending issue on the account. This may include issues that need the intervention of the customer service unit or pending balances left to be paid. It is impossible to close a PayPal account with unresolved problems attached to it. If there are pending money requests on the account, they will be terminated automatically upon the account closure.

Once a PayPal account is closed, the user will have no access to it again, and all transaction history will be lost. Also, requests for pending money will be canceled automatically, all coupons or codes will be permanently gone.

How to Close a Paypal Account With Limited Access

After resolving all outstanding issues on the PayPal account, transferring your transaction history, and withdrawing all the available balance, the next thing is to close the account permanently.

Although PayPal account closure is permanent, the procedure is quite simple and takes a few minutes to complete. Closing a personal account is somewhat different from doing the same for a business account. The following part of this article explains this in detail.

How to Close a Paypal Account With Limited Access

Closing a PayPal Personal Account Step by Step

Step 1:  Web Login

The only platform that allows users to close a PayPal account successfully is a web browser. It is impossible to delete a PayPal account from an iOS or Android app, making the web the only available means to perform this action.

So the first thing you would want to do is to access the web and log in to your PayPal account. You can do this using a laptop or any other personal computer system.

Step 2: Locate the Settings Menu

Once you can access your PayPal account, the next step is to find the Settings Menu. This is where you will find the option that takes you to the account closure window. The Settings Menu is located at the top right of the computer screen, just beside the Log Out button. Once you can locate it, simply click on it to open the list of available options.

Step 3: Find the Account Options Tab

From the list of the available options in the Settings menu that popped up, you will find the Account Options tab. Select this option once you have spotted it. This should lead you to the part you seek.

Step 4: Close Account

After selecting the Account Options tab, its section will open, and there you will find the Close Account button. Click on the button to close the PayPal account.

Step 5:  Bank Account Details

Upon the account closure, you may be prompted to input your bank account details. If this happens, simply enter your bank account information and select the Close Account button to finish up the process.

Closing a PayPal Business Account Step by Step

If your account is a PayPal business account, you can downgrade it to a personal account. However, this action will require the intervention of the customer service unit. To successfully delete your PayPal business account, follow these steps provided below:

Step 1:  Web Login

PayPal account closure cannot be successful in the Android or iOS app. As a result, the only platform available to perform this action is a web browser. This works best if you are using a laptop or any other computer system to access the web.

Just as it is with the PayPal personal account, the first step is to log in to your PayPal account on a web browser.

Step 2:  Locate the Profile Button

Once you are successfully logged in to your PayPal account, the next step is to locate and select the Profile button on the platform’s homepage. The Profile button is situated at the top right of the computer screen, just next to the Log Out button. Once you can locate the Profile button, select it to open the available options.

Step 3:  Find and Select the Settings Button

In the section of your profile, you will find the Settings button. Find and select the Settings button. This should take you to the part where you will find your account settings.

Step 4:  Select the Account Settings Button

From the options available in the Settings section, you will find the Account Settings button. Click on the button to access its page.

Step 5:  Locate the Close Account Button and Select It

Once the account page is open, you will find a line for Account Type. The Close Account button is located toward the right side of the line, just beside the Account Type. Once you have spotted the Close Account button, click on it to close your PayPal business account safely.

Leftover PayPal Balance

If you still possess some money in your PayPal account balance, likely, you will not be able to close your account. As stated above, you will have to clear your PayPal balance to delete your account successfully.

Outstanding Funds or Unresolved Issues

Moreover, unresolved issues can prevent you from closing your PayPal account.

Can I create a New PayPal Account with the same details?

It is possible to create a new PayPal account with the same details provided that there is no active account with the same details. Furthermore, if you close a PayPal account, it is possible to use the same information, such as the email address, to create another account. You can do this right on the official PayPal website.

Bottom Line

Having a limited PayPal account can be quite uncomfortable for certain users. To this effect, it is essential to know how to close a PayPal account with limited access.

The procedure for closing a PayPal account is as simple as it gets. Majorly, it involves logging in to your PayPal account, accessing the Settings menu, and following the on-screen pages. This article has broken down this procedure into easy comprehension and application steps.

The most notable ones include a clear PayPal account balance and an account free of unresolved issues. Simply follow the steps provided in this write-up to close your limited PayPal account successfully.

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